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Рецепт идеального завершения недели по-старгородски: чешское пенное+задушевные песни с ...
Песенный запев ...


Песенный запев 13.10.2018, ...


Песенный запев 10 ...


Зажигательный День юриста прошел традиционно с Песенным Запевом 
Песенный запев 8.10.2018, ...


Разрываем танцпол перед трудовыми буднями!
Песенный запев 07.10.2018, ...


Провели эту субботу с зажигательными танцами и отрывным Песенным запевом!
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OKTOBERFEST закрыли грандиозно и ничуть не расстроены, ведь...будем честными,  нам и не нужен ...
Старгород- шоу ...


Отрываемся по-Старгородски и наслаждаемся последними деньками Октоберфест!!!
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Футбол в Старгороде! ...


Выпили Чешского Пенного, спели со Старгород бендом, станцевали на столах и не только, теперь ...
Песенный запев 30.10.2018, ...


Октоберфест продолжается и сегодня прошел еще один Песенный запев с Фестивальным Пенным.
Песенный запев 29.09.2018, ...


Баварский расколбас в лучших традициях ОКТОБЕРФЕСТА!!!!
Старгород -шоу ...

Stargorod - the first brewery in the city of Dnepr. Only we brew the real Czech beer according to the classic technology on the best European equipment.

For 13 years, "Stargorod" brews 4 classic beers: "Ten", "Wheat", "Lager" and "Black". All beers are brewed using сatec hops, Czech malt and Czech yeast.

From June 01, 2005, the Czech Stargorod brewery began to brew real Czech beer, and we are not changing suppliers of raw materials from the Czech Republic.

Czech Stargorod Beer is brewed under the control of the Prague Institute of Brewing.

Only in Stargorod beer is brewed using classical technology with separate fermentation and fermentation. We do not filter, do not pasteurize beer. We do not use intermediate packaging, our beer goes directly from the brewery to the bar in your glasses.

We are the successors of the age-old traditions of brewing. Looking for where to go in the river? We are always happy to see you

Stargorod is a brewery with a restaurant. All our dishes for beer. Czech cuisine adapted to the local Ukrainian flavor.

Every day a whole animal is cooked on the largest grill in Ukraine. The grill was brought from Germany and allows you to cook an animal weighing up to 180kg. These grills are used at the Oktoberfest beer festival.

In the sports bar "Stargorod" you can watch live sports broadcasts. At the same time get into the atmosphere of the stadium and enjoy the game of your favorite team with the real Czech Stargorod Beer, dancing on the bar, which turn an ordinary viewing of the broadcast into a unique show.

Every night in the "Stargorod" musicians play and can sing along with your favorite songs. No restaurants in Dnipro have such a soulful atmosphere.

From 21:00 on the second floor of the brewery "Song Singing". We sing and dance on the tables until the morning.

And on Fridays we have themed shows. Every Friday is different: “Friday is a wicked one”, “Bachelor party”, “Hen party”, “Ball of lovers”, “Halloween”, “Madhouse”, “Ivana Kupala” and many others.

"Stargorod" - a place of spiritual joy.