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Beer cuisine


Historically, it’s the Czech Republic, where "beer fashion"

was introduced. Most beer snacks and meals eaten with beer throughout the world were served in Prague restaurants 100-150 years ago.


  In our restaurant you can taste famous beer sausages, delicious Shpiz, traditional beer snacks, and, of course, our specialty - the Stargorod knee.



    As our chain expanded, in 2012 Marcin Szvec joined our team of professionals as a Brand Chef.

When he was young, he had a dream of opening his restaurant of Czech cuisine. Marcin studied culinary art by traveling and working in restaurants and breweries in Germany, Austria and Greece.

Today, he is one of Czech brand chefs at our "Stargorod" chain. Every day he prepares a whole animal on grill, monitors the quality of the dishes in our kitchen.

You can talk to him in the hall of "Stargorod" brewery at any time, and he will share with you the secrets of Czech national cuisine.


Whole animal on the grill

    Every evening the Brand Chef of the "Stargorod" chain and Chef of the restorant, will present at the stage the whole animal, cooked on one of the biggest grills in Ukrain.

The KSF GriMgerate was imported from Germany. On a such grill cooked meat during the Beer Festival "Oktoberfest" in Munich.

 Josper - oven with the live fire.

 For grill and barbecue lovers, we have a special Josper menu.

 Josper is an oven with the spesial construction, that combines the adventages of traditional barbecue and wood-burning stove.

 By Josper ovens, meat, fish and vegetables are juicy, tasty and fragrent.

The secret of making extraordinarily alicious dishes in Josper oven is that heat cover the product from all sides, bringing to the surface a crust that keeps all the juices inside. Eventually, meat, fish and baked vegetables becomes much more tastier!

 In adition, any food cooked in Josper ovens fully preserve all vitamins and it has a pleasant aroma of smoke.

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